• Patient FSA and HSA Letter
    Preview and download your own HSA and FSA letter to send your patients! This is a great service you can offer, and most patients don’t realize that they can use these funds for Perio Trays. DOWNLOAD THIS TEMPLATE HERE […]
  • To our Patients about Staying Healthy During a Viral Pandemic
    One of the strongest defenses we have against virus’, such as COVD-19, is a robust immune system so we can fight infection – that’s why we’re doing our best to help our patients boost their immunity. There are a number of […]
  • Oral Health During a Pandemic
    With the outbreak of the coronavirus, treatment for inflammation and prevention of infection and disease is more important than ever. The human body can only handle so much inflammation, and the healthier a person is – the less chronic […]
  • Perio Protect Saves Patients Money In this video, a certified Perio Protect Hygienist discusses whether Perio Protect therapy can save a patient money or not. When considering a new homecare treatment a patient should consider all aspects […]
  • They Put Up A Plaque For National Dentists Day. But The Dentists Removed It.
    If you’ve never heard of National Dentist Day on March 6th, don’t feel bad. It’s not exactly a time where people exchange dentistry-related gifts, browse the dental section of the greeting card aisle or sit down for a feast that includes […]
  • Making Gum Health a Matter of the Heart
    Ask pretty much anybody, and they’ll tell you that it’s extremely important to have a healthy heart. But despite this, heart disease is still the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States. And even though more and more people […]
  • Healthy Gums And A Sound Mind
    The connection between your brain and your mouth is not something we often think about, unless maybe you catch yourself saying something without thinking. But the health of our mouth is also important to our brain. Recent studies have shown the […]
  • Gum Health Affects Diabetes And Vice Versa
    There is a strong correlation between gum health and your general wellness. Pathogens that enter the bloodstream are likely to enter through the busiest port in the body—your mouth. In fact, specific strains of harmful bacteria present in infected […]
  • An Insider’s Look at Perio Protect with Dr. Jim McCreight
    The connection between oral health the overall health of your body, known as the oral-systemic link, is widely understood by dentists and doctors. But for many patients, this correlation is a relatively new concept. The mouth is the busiest port of […]
  • Back-To-Routine
    The end of Summer is bittersweet at best. The pool gets covered. Your sandals shuffle their way to the back of the closet. And the smell of sunscreen is slowly replaced by pumpkin spice. But on the upside, there’s a little less chaos and a little […]
  • Get Your Mouth Beach-Ready
    Sunglasses. Swimsuit. Towel. Book. Phone charger. Perio Protect. Every travel magazine and blog out there offers up their list of summer travel “essentials.” While they may promote the latest gadget or newest inflatable neck pillow, our travel […]
  • For Men, Perio Protect Certainly Can’t Hurt Your Love Life
    Beyond the benefits of whiter teeth and fresher breath, treating gum disease may also enhance romantic pursuits in another crucial area. In fact, we have seen several recent studies suggesting an association between periodontal disease and erectile […]
  • Before You Sell Your Sports Car
    There are a lot of treatment considerations when you have gum disease. If you ask Mike Miller, he’ll tell you treating gum disease surgically doesn’t just require recovery for your mouth. It also takes a toll on your bank account. Listen to Mike […]
  • Hy-Five Your Hygienist
    April is Oral Health Month. And, fittingly, an entire week of Oral Health Month is National Hygienists Week. Hygienists do so much more than clean teeth. They are usually the first person a patient sees when they come in for routine checkups. The […]
  • Smile, It’s National Dentists Day
    It can be hard to tell your dentist how much you appreciate him or her, especially when your mouth is full of mirrors and those plastic gum stretcher things. But don’t worry, there’s more than one way to say thanks without having to spit out any […]
  • Your Heart Hearts Healthy Gums
    February was both Heart Health Month and Gum Disease Awareness Month. (It also happened to be National Grapefruit Month, but that’s a tad off topic for our purposes.) That meant it was the perfect time of year to check in with one of the leading […]
  • Two hands holding sparklers.An Alternative To Your New Year’s Resolution
    Making a New Year’s resolution is widely recognized as an exercise in futility especially when the resolution involves changing health habits. So, what if we took the pressure off the whole resolution thing? What if we could improve our health […]
  • Close-up of bubblesIt’s All About The Bubbles
    Bacteria are survivors. They live in seemingly uninhabitable places, and they reproduce like jack rabbits. Actually, it would be more appropriate to say jack rabbits reproduce like bacteria. They adapt to their surroundings as they morph, mutate and […]
  • Female dentist looking at patient's teethLooking Diabetes In The Mouth
    For those suffering with diabetes, every month is diabetes awareness month. The disease requires constant attention and alters the way sufferers think about what they eat, where they go and, generally, how they function. Yet not until recently have […]
  • Pregnant woman in a fieldPregnancy & Periodontal Disease
    We’ve long known that oral health habits are passed down from generation to generation. But we’re only starting to see the impact of oral health on the next generation, even before birth. Dr. Yiping Han of Columbia University explains the link […]
  • Dental floss and toothbrushYou Can Never Floss Enough
    If you’ve ever been to the dentist, there’s a good chance that the hygienist encouraged you to floss more regularly. That’s not abnormal. Hygienists do this for good reason. Flossing helps secure tooth and gum health by cleaning the areas between […]
  • Different Treatments For Different Wounds: The Uncommon, Commonsense Way To Treat Gum Disease
    You wouldn’t apply a tourniquet to a bruise. Or put an ice pack on an ulcer. Those would be the wrong treatment protocols for those particular conditions. Yet, when it comes to care for chronically infected gums and loss of bone—the markers of […]
  • The No-Longer Missing Link Between Oral Health and Systemic Health with Dr. Chip Whitney
    The hipbone is connected to the leg bone. Any doctor or kindergartner can tell you that. But it’s taken years of research and a fundamental shift in our approach to medicine to both uncover and address the connection between oral health and the […]
  • What’s Wrong with Your Toothbrush?
    Chances are you have a solid routine when it comes to oral hygiene. Brush, maybe floss, gargle, repeat. And you should continue to do all of those things. You may even schedule regular, six-month dental cleanings. That’s great. Keep it up. But for […]