It’s All About The Bubbles

Close-up of bubbles

Bacteria are survivors. They live in seemingly uninhabitable places, and they reproduce like jack rabbits. Actually, it would be more appropriate to say jack rabbits reproduce like bacteria. They adapt to their surroundings as they morph, mutate and colonize. Traditionally, bacteria that take up residence inside the mouth have been fought with antibiotics. But as…

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Looking Diabetes In The Mouth

Female dentist looking at patient's teeth

For those suffering with diabetes, every month is diabetes awareness month. The disease requires constant attention and alters the way sufferers think about what they eat, where they go and, generally, how they function. Yet not until recently have diabetics considered the impact of gum health on their glucose levels. Fortunately, Dr. Tim Pranger has…

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Pregnancy & Periodontal Disease

Pregnant woman in a field

We’ve long known that oral health habits are passed down from generation to generation. But we’re only starting to see the impact of oral health on the next generation, even before birth. Dr. Yiping Han of Columbia University explains the link between gum inflammation and complications during pregnancy.     Research has shown that pregnant…

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