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Perio Protect Gel

Perio Protect GelThe Perio Protect Gel is the main ingredient of the Perio Protect Method. It will not only drastically improve your oral health, but also help whitening your teeth. And, if you donít consider it enough, you should know that it will freshen your breath on a regular basis. The Perio Protect Gel is used with the Perio tray. The tray is basically a mouth-guard, very easy to wear, filled with the gel. While placing it in your mouth, it will allow the special gel to get below the gum line and kill all the bacteria present there.

While you need to consult a dentist in order to use the gel, as he needs to establish your individual needs and assess your oral health status, the best thing about the gel is that you can use it yourself, in the comfort of your own use. And it doesnít hurt at all, being a well-researched and tested non-invasive procedure. It will stop gum bleeding, if you have any, decrease inflammation and get you healthier and better every day.

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